Friday, 26 October 2012

Let's get this party started!

Ok, so here we are, days away from Whole30 round two. I am pretty excited about this next part of the journey, a number of people have indicated they are going to be Whole30ing along with us for the first time and we even have some guest bloggers lined up. It will be fun to see the Whole30 through their eyes and sharing the blogging load will mean less posts from us - a richer perspective for our readers. If there is anyone out there who is joining us for November and would be willing to write a post or two about it, please let me know. Those stories are always eye-opening and inspiring for sure!
Our first guest blogger (and she has committed to at least a weekly contribution!) is my dear friend Sandra. I have to give credit where credit is due, Sandra's health journey was the catalyst for me first exploring the grain free world. Last year she was diagnosed with Celiac and wanting to offer support - and make the occasional treat for her - I started to research the disease and requisite gluten-free diet. It was my quest to make treats not filled with empty starches that led me to grain free and shortly after, Paleo and Primal food frameworks. I am so looking forward to her posts - she never ceases to make me laugh and I'm sure her candid entries will speak to you. This is her first real Whole30, but she has been gluten free for 18 months.

As round 2 approaches, I am getting ready compiling Whole30 recipes and ingredients so cooking great meals will be a snap. I am already excited about trying Shepherd's Pie/Cottage Pie iterations as the colder weather hits, like this one and this one. Breakfasts will see the return of my beloved Tex-Mex pork and sweet potato, vegetable stuffed frittatas and maybe even this yummy Cream of Coconut oatmeal/Cream of wheat stand-in,* minus the maple syrup I sweetened it with last week (and pictured on my FB page White Kitchen Chronicles.) In addition to the amazing resources available on the web for Whole30 compliant recipes and my electronic version of the kick-ass, wholly compliant (except for one recipe) Well Fed cookbook from Melissa Joulwan, thanks to a friend I am also days away from adding Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilipo and Sarah Fragoso's  Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook to my collection. Both of these have great recipes for amazing food that is in line with the Whole30 framework. It's also been reassuring to note that many of the dinners we have at home as part of our routine are already Whole30 compliant - my weekly roast chicken with roasted vegetables is fantastic comfort food that never disappoints. I've also started a Pinterest Board dedicated to Whole30 compliant recipes.

If you are interested in joining us or want to know more about this Whole30 thing, I think your safest bet is to go directly to the source and/or buy their amazing book, It Starts With Food. For recipe compilation, you have to really be aware of what's not compliant before using the internet as many recipes tagged as Whole30 compliant are not. In fact, some of the items I will make or eat may fall into the SWYPO category that is frowned upon - so design a road that's right for you. My first Whole30 I was pretty strict with everything and I found that helped me really tune in to what was happening with my body. I am building from those past two experiences this time around.

Finally, we love feedback and questions so please let us know if you have any. November 1 is just around the corner, so let's get ready!

*Disclaimer: this type of dish could be interpreted as SWYPO in the eyes of Whole30 creators Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Having not eaten oatmeal in over a year due to grain avoidance, I didn't find this dish was a "gateway" food for me, starting a craving for traditional oatmeal. It was just a filling, warm and healthy breakfast that was a change from my egg-centric morning meals. I'm good with that.


  1. I am *planning* to join all of you in this next Whole30. However if circumstances change (*ahem* wink, wink) then I may need to back out. But I'll be starting off with you and praying that everything goes smoothly enough for me to continue. If things work out the way I hope, I'd love to do a guest post or two. :)

    1. Jac, I'd love it if you can join us! You've been my Whole30 buddy and confidante from the beginning, so it makes complete sense that if circumstances allow we share this part of the journey too. I just got Practical Paleo and Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and am psyched to start cooking.

  2. Yay Jac! I think its great if you can join us again. I found that during the last Whole30 I really looked forward to our blog posts and your comments on ours. I think of you as the side kick to the Food Nazi because you both broke the ground for me and helped me decide to try this. Now we just need to get you a good nickname! Hehehe!