Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tips and Resources

Just a quick note today to share with you some awesome resources that you can find right here in St. John's, along with a few tips and tricks that I discovered last time around.

First, Costco is now selling Wheat Belly by William Davis ($9.99), Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso ($18.99), and Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield ($18.99). 

Second, Sobeys carries Baba Desi Butter Ghee, made in Mississauga Ontario. Perfect for anyone not fond of coconut oil but needing a high temperature cooking oil - like me. I bought mine at Sobeys on Kelsey Drive for $8 or $9. 

Third, Sobeys also carries a Whole30 compliant whole grain Dijon mustard. It's a Sensations brand (Our Compliments). Ingredients are water, mustard seed, salt, white vinegar  citric acid, and turmeric. YAY! 

Costco sells prosciutto that is Whole30 ok and it also sells bacon without sugar. However, eating bacon is your own choice on the Whole30, check out the debate here by reading the Bacon Manifesto.  

Costco also sells Larabars in bulk format. Again, this is a choice you need to make about your own personal Whole30 and the Whole30 framework screams for you to stay away from this type of paleo-ification of poor food choices. But sometimes you need something and I've used Larabars as part of a snack when hiking and sometimes even as a substitute for dessert when I'm super tempted (like at my friends wedding at the end of August when everyone else was diving into chocolate truffles). Yes, it is sex with your pants on but I'm not above that. Some Larabars are not Whole30 complaint so make sure to read the packaging. 

The best quality of almond flour readily available here in the city can be found at Bulk Barn. 

The best coconut milk to buy for price and quality is Thai Kitchen. Get the full fat one. Some stores stock coconut in three different places. I found it in the organic section, the drink section, and the international foods section of my local Sobeys. 

From Nicole: If you buy apple cider vinegar, make sure you get the one with mother.  I have absolutely no idea what that means, but she says it makes a BIG difference to quality. 

Another from Nicole: you can buy smoked paprika at your local grocery store, however, the best spice can be found at Belbin's grocery downtown. Look for the red tin. 

Geez, I hope all of you Whole30-ers don't get out there a buy up the town before I get a chance, or you'll have to share! hahaha! 


  1. Scrambled eggs in ghee is HEAVENLY!

    Personally, I need to stay away from Larabars because chocolate bars are a big weakness, and the shape and packaging (even though the ingredients are good) make me want bad, bad snacks! My husband, however, can eat them without being tempted to eat anything off-road.

  2. Thanks Jac. I had scrambled eggs in ghee this morning and it was AWESOME! I just don't really like the coconut oil and Barry hates it!

    I can eat Larabars without being tempted to offroad, I usually only need a few bites of something that sweet to feel satisfied. But I can totally see how it could be too close for comfort for others. It's all about that psychological reaction huh?