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We are colleagues and friends on a journey to better health and wellness.

Nicole has always loved the kitchen and has been committed to healthy eating for a long time, however just what "healthy eating" entails continues to evolve. Last year she discovered the benefits of grain-free living and has been following a more Primal or Paleo eating style for a little over nine months. She completed her first Whole30 in March 2012 and is a huge fan of its creators, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of the Whole9. She thinks their recently published book, It Starts With Food, should be required reading for anyone able to grocery shop. And Mark Sisson, creator of The Primal Blueprint, is a straight shooter who loves to share facts and dig deep. His books and website have changed Nicole's perspective on what a balanced lifestyle is all about. However, it is important to note that Nicole is first and foremost a lover of delicious food, and believes it is meant to be shared and enjoyed. During the last nine months she has enjoyed the challenge of making tasty dishes and desserts for her family that fit the Primal or Paleo framework 90% of the time.

Leanne is a veteran dieter and natural skeptic who has recently been inspired (challenged!) by Nicole's incessant nutrition talk. She started digging into the science of Primal and Paleo first by reading books and blogs (Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat, Mark's Daily Apple, Whole9) and is starting to question the accepted belief of "calories in, calories out" and "eat less, exercise more."A lover of food but a little uncertain in the kitchen, Leanne is excited and nervous about a month of Whole30 compliant eating.

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